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Sylview Engineering was founded as an Engineering Company that deals with embedded hardware and software designs almost 5 years ago and now became a data collection vendor. We diversified by into vdata collection for AI model, language service technology such as translation and transcription, website localization, software testing, artificial intelligence, machine translation, and much more.

Sylview AI Data services integrity and accuracy for AI model training

 Data collection – text, audio, image or video – we can acquire Afrocentric contents you need for AI training anywhere in Africa.
 Data annotation and labelling
 Data validation
 A language service technology providing services such as translation, transcription, interpretation and creating and fluent contents in all African languages. Community of 20K+ innovative young Africans, willing to contribute all kinds of data for AI training.

Data Collection

 Conversational AI and chatbots Large amounts of text data are gathered, processed, and customized by us to enhance your conversational AI and natural language processing (NLP) applications.
 Text data To train your extractive and abstractive summarization models, we generate concise, accurate, and fluid summaries of text content.
 Intent variants: To make your voice assistant better, we classify user intents and create variations of their queries.
 Audio and voice data To enhance your automatic speech recognition models, we collect, quantify, and calibrate audio data from various sources.
 Pictures and videos In order to assist in training your computer vision models and applications, we gather photos and videos according to your specifications.

Data annotation and labelling

To help you quickly improve your AI models, our qualified professionals provide the best transcription, annotation, categorization, and sentiment analysis services. It is still necessary to train your AI how to interpret the mounds of raw data it has access to. This requires a variety of teams with the ability to appropriately annotate, label, transcribe, and classify data; yet, finding such talent is difficult and rarely economical. Your company can benefit greatly from outsourcing these jobs in a number of ways, including quicker turnaround times, superior data handled by subject matter experts, and lower data management expenses. Our network of over 10,000 professionals in African countries, with expertise ranging from raters to linguists, can analyze data for a broad variety of AI applications swiftly. Our labelled datasets let you train AI models to the highest standards for a variety of tasks, including text or speech transcription, object tracking, image segmentation, speaker identification, and response grading.
 An entity's annotation We give ML models text that includes referenced items, like persons or locations, to aid in identifying crucial information.
 Text categorization We offer texts categorized at various granularities into distinct categories.
 Transcription of handwritten text In many different languages, we produce transcriptions of handwritten writings that include personalized annotations.
 Transcription of audio In multiple languages, our team of linguists transcribes all kinds of audio files
 Annotated audio To separate and categorize various sounds, we annotate all kinds of audio files with metadata and important information.
 Classification of images and videos We classify photos and videos by putting them into pre-established categories.
 Annotation of images and videos By employing suitable shapes to identify objects or their components, we annotate pictures and videos.
 Transcription of images and videos In any language, we transcribe spoken text and visuals from videos.
 Audio categorization In order to categorize audio files into appropriate groups based on their content or other project- specific requirements, we listen to and examine the files.
 Segmentation based on semantics By putting borders around distinct classes of items, we annotate photos.

Data validation and review

We assess and control the quality and relevance of AI training materials while reducing the possibility of unwanted bias. Ensuring the quality of training data and the effectiveness of AI solutions both depend on data validation. It is possibly the machine learning process' most crucial phase. Inadequate validation can allow bad data to enter your model and taint the entire process. Extensive quality assurance tests are therefore essential for relevance, appropriateness, correct optimization, and accuracy. In order to ensure that the data used to train your machine learning model is of the greatest quality and accurately reflects the cultural, linguistic, and geographic aspects of your AI project, we carefully choose the correct experts for your AI needs.  Annotated data verification Our skilled personnel validate any annotated dataset. This is particularly helpful for pre-annotations from an existing model, annotations provided by the public, and datasets with labels that have low confidence scores in general.
 Geospatial data assessment We improve the quality and accuracy of geographic data by utilizing our data validation procedures, instruments, and network of in-market data assessors.
 Assessment of the quality of machine translation By using your engines outputs in the most appropriate situations, keeping an eye on quality trends following engine retraining, and evaluating the engine's accuracy and confidence, we increase machine translation performance.
 Content Assessment We audit a variety of content formats and provide reports based on quality, usability, accessibility, findability, and readability metrics to help you better understand your content and how users interact with it.
 Moderation of Content We validate and classify your training data, which is used to create content moderation models, using human-in-the-loop methods. We also validate your engine's decisions, which improves the accuracy of your AI content moderation solutions.

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